We pride ourselves on providing the best tree service in Cincinnati.  Our services include deadwood removal, crown thinning, roof clearance/house clearance, crown raising, tree pruning and tree removal.

Our certified arborists are here to assist you.

Deadwood Removal


"Deadwooding" is done with the purpose of removing potential "hosts" for insects and fungi. By removing the dead branch at the branch bark collar, the larger limb can close over the wound, resulting in a healthier overall structure.



Crown Thinning


Crown thinning increases airflow (important in Birch and Maple where infections are an issue), and allows for greater light penetration (when older or patio or light starved lawns).



Roof Clearance/House Clearance


Here is where a balance between the health of the structure and the health of the tree must be found.



Crown Raising


Also known as "Ground Clearance, pruning these lower branches improves lawn health, makes mowing possible.





Removal of hangers suspended overhead is done for obvious reasons, however, just as important, is the pruning of the resulting stub. Shawnee Tree prune trees of all sizes, from the Crab Apple by the walk to the Oak overhanging three homes. Our Arborists understand the fine balance between aesthetics, health, and your trees function in the landscape.



Tree Removal


Unfortunately, due to either the useful lifespan of the tree or the changing needs of the clients landscape, tree removal is sometimes the only option. When done properly, using modern techniques and equipment, tree removal can be done safely and efficiently with minimal impact to the surrounding landscape. Shawnee Tree owns numerous tools to facilitate safe removal including: 23 ton crane, several bucket trucks, several walk/behind "mini-skid steers", just to name a few..., however, our greatest established asset is our Arborists who, with thousands of hours remove trees in a safe and effective manner.